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Yvette Lyn Sechrist McGlasson

Home 3223 Lakeview Drive Collier Naples Florida 34112 United StatesHome Phone: 615-739-7264
Photo of Yvette Lyn Sechrist McGlasson


Yvette lived and studied at the Amrit Yoga Institute for three years with the express intention of INTEGRATION.  Walking with separate feet in the spiritual world and the corporate world, Yvette focused on discovering the internal language so she can express herself to the external world.  Whether looking for an inspirational public speaker or a one on one spiritual life coach, Yvette will work with you to strike the perfect harmony so you can discover your own life’s balance.

Certifications: Amrit Yoga Institute, Florida, I AM Certifications, Yoga Level 1 - Posture of Consciousness, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Therapy