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Dr. Toni Brucato-Kobet

Work 2111 E. Highland Avenue Suite 240 Maricopa Phoenix AZ 85016 United StatesMobile Phone: 480-330-4018Website: Toni B Yoga
Photo of Dr. Toni Brucato-Kobet


Toni has been in the business of healing throughout her career from social work, to marital and family therapy, to clinical and school psychology and now to Yoga Nidra. Through the years, the flame to help others has not been dimmed. Toni is most excited to bring Yoga Nidra to the over worked, out of balance, professional or first responder at the top of their game were it not for an inability to sleep, an inability to stop the endless thoughts of wondering “what if”, and a sneaking suspicion that the joy and child like wonderment that they once had has left the scene. Breathe and reach out to schedule a Yoga Nidra.

Certifications: Yoga Nidra