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Marisa Marisa Rio Maior-Alvares

Home Max de Haasstraat 10, Amsterdam Amsterdam 1087 MD The Netherlands, HollandYoga Studio Tempel van Alledag,Jan Vrijmanstraat 339 Amsterdam 1087 NB The Netherlands, HollandHome Phone: +31619600581Website: bymarisa
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Marisa Rio Maior Alvares

Vinyasa Yoga at Nieuwe Yogaschool in Amsterdam by Johan Noorloos

Yin Yoga at Yoga Garden in Amsterdam byAnat Geiser/Marcel Visser

I AM Yoga Nidra Advanced Teacher training in Denmark/Iceland by Kamini Desai.

I teach in Amsterdam at different yogastudio’s and in companies. I love practicing and teaching yoga but after i started with Yoga Nidra  a whole new “me” arrised. The I AM Yoga Nidra teachertraining changed my whole life and i am looking forward to do the I AM yoga therapy soon.


Certifications: Yoga Nidra