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Dr. Lori Ayela Wynters

Mobile Phone: 845-233-1082Website:
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Lori Ayela Wynters, MFA, PhD is a certified Amrit Yoga Teacher (2003), interested in yoga, pranyama, ayurveda, many dance movement practices, tending to our connections and wholeness though somatics, music and our body’s wisdom. “As a yoga teacher/practitioner, aikidoka, dancer, musician, community psychologist and Jewish Chaplain, I am interested in tending to our body’s deep knowing, ancestral wisdom, the ways we lift each other up, blending Ayurvedic, Yoga, Chinese and Jewish wisdom traditions with the neuroscience of what is generative for us and for collective healing and liberation. Yoga is for all bodies and every body, to share Amrit Desai’s teachings, ‘…to let go of who we are not, so that who we are, keeps emerging…”, so we fully inhabit our joy, our hearts, our bodies and our aliveness! Jai Baguan…

Certifications: Yoga Level 2 - Meditation in Motion