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Satya Lenka Imholz

Yoga L1 & L2 | Advanced Yoga Nidra
Home Tampa Bay Florida Home Phone: 727-434-8004
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Lenka infuses her meditative yoga guidance as a 500-hour certified Amrit Yoga teacher with her metaphysical experience as a spiritual therapist and energy healer. She describes yoga as a way of life, and adds that the practice of yoga does not end on the yoga mat but extends to daily activities. Her intention in teaching Amrit Yoga and Yoga Nidra Meditation classes is to spread the light of awareness and to help others enrich their lives by opening their hearts to love and compassion.
Certifications: I AM Certifications, Yoga Level 1 - Posture of Consciousness, Yoga Level 2 - Meditation in Motion, Yoga Nidra