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Dr. Elisa Levi Sabattini

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Dr. Elisa Levi Sabattini is an advanced I AM (Integrative Amrit Method) Yoga Nidra facilitator and Yoga instructor. She has a PhD in Chinese Studies and was a Professor of Chinese Philology in Italy, the country where she was born. As an independent scholar, she researches on ancient texts and their practical way for a better life. She is fascinated by the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Chinese tradition, and how to use it by stressing the similarities rather than the differences with Judaism, put them into practice, and see the results in life.

Elisa’s mission is to share her practice of Yoga Nidra, a deep guided meditation, essential for balancing the body-mind, and reconnecting to our true Self by finding stillness. Mindful and “heartful” practices are the gateway to inner and outer peace. She wishes that practitioners may tune in to their bodies’ inner wisdom, to feel lighter and happier, to experience the magic in life. Awareness is the key to individual and collective evolution.

Certifications: Yoga Nidra