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Andora Prasad Freedom

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Andora is the founder and owner of Samadhi Yoga Nidra as well as Denver’s Premier, Award-winning Yoga Studio, Samadhi Center for Yoga.  She is also a forever student, certified as an Advanced I AM Yoga Nidra™ Facilitator with additional advanced training in the iRest Yoga Nidra method with Richard Miller and ParaYoga Nidra instruction with Rod Stryker.

Some of Andora’s other passions include:

  • IIN Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach

  • Hemp CBD Health Educator

  • Reiki Master & Intuitive Energetic Healer

  • Rife Vibrational Therapy

  • Stress & Trauma Release with TRE method

  • Apprentice study in Shamanic Healing

  • Devoted mama to one very special child

  • Perpetual student of life

Andora has spent decades in search of understanding life’s greatest mysteries.  Fascination with the human body, mind and soul have intrigued her since childhood and have lead to study with many great teachers, as well as experiencing profound illuminations spoken of in the ancient great texts while studying with a siddhi master for years in India.

After many years of study and practice, Andora is following her inner guidance to share in ways that empower all to awaken into the Truth of their own Light.

With a life-long passion for understanding health, wellness and thriving on all levels for herself and others, Andora began her studies in pre-med many years ago and then studied with great teachers near and far to investigate and better understand the human condition.  Her studies in meditation began well over 25 years ago and have lead to advanced training and certification in several lineages. Andora’s passion and discoveries led her to create several flourishing businesses that engage seekers toward their own illumination and wellness in every way.

Andora has an insatiable appetite for awakening magic in the world and can’t wait to help you actualize your heart’s great desire. She lives in both Denver and Maui and travels to share classes, workshops and retreats. To schedule an energetic healing session, private Yoga Nidra session or to host workshops in your area with Andora, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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