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Our certified instructors and facilitators have passed rigorous training and have been entrusted to carry out the teachings of our Lineage. With each graduating class, the Amrit Yoga community grows and the light that shines from within all of us glows brighter.


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Home Phone: 613-968-1235


Home Phone: (34) 654 658 474

Shannon Bechard

Yoga (L1) – Posture of Consciousness
Work Phone: 352-685-3001
Photo of Renay Bloom
Home Phone: 478-501-2050


Home Phone: 850-321-8599
Photo of Nalin Carney

Nalin Carney

Yoga L1 & L2 | Yoga Nidra
Home Phone: 865-233-3390
Photo of Gina Cassisi

Gina Cassisi

Phyto Institute
Home Phone: 352-455-4715
Photo of Rohit John Close

Rohit John Close

Yoga L1 & L2
Work Phone: 208-850-6974Cell Phone: 208-642-3843

Marney Hasu Coulter

Yoga by the Sea
Home Phone: 604-740-2382
Photo of Dr Fred Covan PhD
Work Phone: 305-293-1118Work Fax: 305-296-1266Website:

Shawn “Vidya” Cuddy

Amrit Yoga Level I and II
Home Phone: 718-755-8453
Photo of Ashley Cullinan
Home Phone: 248-513-2955Website:


Photo of Sabina Dekanshi
Home Phone: 727-804-8150
Work Phone: 618-351-8226
Home Phone: 904-962-3390


Home Phone: 850-877-0231
Photo of Patricia Essig

Patricia Essig

Level I and Level II Amrit Yoga TeacherYoga Energy
Home Phone: 630-355-7103


Susan Fritz, RN

Yoga Nidra FacilitatorSerenity Studio
Home Phone: 775-750-0322


Photo of Sandra Gergler

Sandra Gergler

Ayurvedic Consultant | Yoga L1 | Yoga Nidra
Cell Phone: 609-233-2342Work Phone: 609-442-8295Website:
Photo of Karen Gomez
Home Phone: 773-416-6443


Photo of Jenny Hannah
Home Phone: 352-999-0760Website:
Photo of Ann Harmon

Ann Harmon

Health and Harmony Center
Home Phone: 352-466-4940Website:
Home Phone: 509-293-1525
Photo of Liz Hernandez
Home Phone: 305-563-6763Website:
Photo of Shambhu Paul Herzer

Shambhu Paul Herzer

L1, L2, Yoga Nidra and Advanced Yoga Nidra certifiedMuktidham’s website:
Home Phone: 919-949-0954
Home Phone: +27 (0)72 773 9490

Rekha Kathy Hogan

Yoga L1 & L2 | Yoga Nidra
Work Phone: 845-838-3717


Photo of Satya Lenka Imholz

Satya Lenka Imholz

Yoga L1 & L2 | Advanced Yoga Nidra
Home Phone: 727-434-8004


Photo of Laura Savita Jachim
Home Phone: 847-477-3069Website:


Photo of Priti Chanda Klco

Priti Chanda Klco

Yoga L1 & L2 | Advanced Yoga Nidra| Yoga Therapy
Work Phone: 406-531-3729

Laura Kraljev

Yoga Nidra
Home Phone: (386) 846-6331
Photo of Monica Kustra
Home Phone: 561-723-4589Website:


Photo of Garrett La Valley

Garrett La Valley

Yoga (L1) – Posture of Consciousness and Yoga Nidra Professional TrainingAmrit Yoga Institute
Home Phone: (352) 261-0933
Photo of Nyamekye Laird
Home Phone: 850-294-3691
Photo of Mary Leonard

Mary Leonard

Amrit Yoga Nidra Facilitator
Home Phone: 443-477-1260


Danielle Marggaf

Amrit Level I
Home Phone: 917-838-1410
Home Phone: 412-983-8688

Mary Ellen McCourt

Riverwalk Studio
Photo of Radha McGann
Home Phone: 352-685-0147
Home Phone: 303-993-5189
Photo of Nalin Rober McGlasson
Home Phone: 305-393-2810

Amy McPhee

Yoga Comes to You
Home Phone: 410-632-7254
Photo of Kristine Miller
Home Phone: 352-789-9481
Home Phone: 239-770-8654
Photo of Benji Morgan

Benji Morgan

Northern California State of Jefferson; Private/Retreat
Home Phone: 530-859-8869
Home Phone: 902-823-2746


Sophie O’Neill

Yoga (L1) – Posture of ConsciousnessH2K Happy Healthy Kids Fitness Studio
Home Phone: (508) 223-6243
Home Phone: 801.251.6042


Monica Parsley

Classes & workshops available
Home Phone: 301-870-8343/301-659-0070

Jean Paulis–Graham

RYT 500 certified at Amrit Yoga Level I and II; Insured
Home Phone: 630-664-7302

Mimi Pfeffer

Reflexology (NTCB), Amrit Method Yoga Nidra FacilitatorAlpenglow Traveling Spa, Alpenglow Adventure Spa
Home Phone: 314-550-3389
Photo of Adam Psihos
Home Phone: 727-485-8311


Home Phone: 312-493-0666
Home Phone: 386-323-9927
Photo of Tina Rongers

Tina Rongers

Yoga L1 | Yoga Nidra
Work Phone: (219) 616-7147Website:
Photo of Ambika Rose
Home Phone: (808) 323-320Cell Phone: (808) 430-2620
Photo of Roger Rugletic
Home Phone: 727-366-0054
Photo of Jeanne and David Russell
Home Phone: (808) 822-4414Website:


Photo of Elaine Schuhrke

Elaine Schuhrke

Yoga L1 & L2 | Yoga Nidra | Yoga Therapy
Work Phone: 719-671-7551Work Phone: 719-269-1887
Photo of Steven Sloan

Steven Sloan

Parting Clouds Yoga at the Hickory House
Home Phone: 419-345-3424
Photo of Ryan J. Soave
Home Phone: 561-699-8677
Home Phone: 503-616-4639


Photo of Uchita Sonya Thomlinson

Uchita Sonya Thomlinson

Mindful Restoration Inc
Home Phone: 250-872-0550Cell Phone: 250-863-7326Website: http://www.sonyathomlinson.comWebsite:
Photo of Tara Tigar
Home Phone: 904-563-5504
Photo of Rosa Traustadóttir

Rosa Traustadóttir

Yoga Nidra | Yoga Therapy
Work Phone: 354-898-2295Website:
Photo of (Omoragita) LaShaun Tribble

(Omoragita) LaShaun Tribble

BodyBeautiful Yoga with Omora
Home Phone: 561-939-9476


Photo of Marlaina Vance (Avani)

Marlaina Vance (Avani)

Providence Hospital Wellness Center and Omni Fitness Center
Work Phone: 251-377-8820
Photo of Els Verheije

Els Verheije

L1 | Yoga Nidra | Yoga Therapy
Work Phone: 0032(0)496 48 45 20Website:
Home Phone: 703-863-9802


Photo of Debbie Walker
Home Phone: 813-245-9995Website:
Photo of Keeley Ward
Home Phone: 786-942-0830Website:
Photo of Jeremy Wolf

Jeremy Wolf

Advanced Yoga Nidra
Work Phone: 303-903-7521Website:


Photo of Renu Diane Zagoria
Home Phone: 954-562-4108Website: